That’s me, Sydney! I’m the artist and owner of SP. I’m a lifestyle & natural light photographer from the Midwest and a transplant to Colorado!

My freshman year of high school my guidance counselor put me in an Art 1 class to fill my schedule - little did I know it would be life changing. What started out as a love of drawing and painting, using various mediums and styles, turned into my true passion…photography. I’ve been photographing for several years, mainly for fun and my own enjoyment. However, I took the leap and started Scarlett Photography in November 2017!

I strive to use artistic vision to photograph honest, natural images illustrating your unique life and extraordinary love stories that you'll be excited to look back at, not only today, but many years from now. I am fiercely passionate about capturing candid, authentic emotions and connections. I hope to foster a friendship that will allow us to create meaningful photographs through every milestone of your life.

Since I truly enjoy what I do, I enjoy all photo sessions, but couples...ya'll have my heart. There's something so special about hearing how you met, photographing your interaction with each other, seeing your love for one another, and just kickin' it with you for a few hours.

Growing up, my dad was in the military so we moved around and traveled frequently. This has given me the love of exploring and made me a little adventurous at heart! Am I willing to travel? Always.

Love + light,